Nowadays, it seems like people are using WhatsApp Mods more than the official WhatsApp because there are many mods available on the internet that are being downloaded by Millions of people all around the world and each MOD has its own strengths and weaknesses. MBWhatsApp is another popular WhatsApp Mod that provides an IOS-like theme and user interface. It also provides all the mod features such as Don’t Show Online Status, Auto reply, Message scheduler, and many more.

The most popular Android application WhatsApp which is used for sharing messages, videos, pictures, files, location, and much more. The recently upgraded version of WhatsApp can do video call, voice call, and conference call. The latest version of WhatsApp has the payment-making, and receiving option for the users.  Moreover, it’s one of the most reliable and safe applications used by billions of people. 

WhatsApp is one of the fastest mediums of communication through the internet with a wide range of functionality. But WhatsApp has some limitations, so to overcome there is another similar application known as “MB WhatsApp”, which has few add-on features compared to the official application. Also, this app allows you to change, and edit the background color of chat media. Earlier there were restrictions that only a few mobile applications could change the mobile to switch to dark or light mode. But MBWhatsApp can switch to the desired mode. Here is a small detail about MBWhatsApp.

The main highlight of MBWhatsApp is that it provides a theme just like IOS WhatsApp so if you’re an Android user and want to experience WhatsApp on IOS then it is a perfect choice for you. It comes with all the mod features that you get with GB WhatsApp, JT WhatsApp, and other mods. Hence, it is a better WhatsApp Mod to consider instead of downloading GB WhatsApp and other similar mods.



WhatsApp is the easiest and fastest way to convey messages from any corner of the world, but if you are looking to find a perfect app that has a similar interface, and characteristics with lots of features, then MB WhatsApp is the best replacement. MB WhatsApp is developed by stefano YG and it provides all the WhatsApp Mod features with some additional features and new user interface.

MBWhatsApp is available free of cost, and it’s very easy to use. This app is an integrated messaging platform that has an extended feature in it, which allows you to use it seamlessly. The app is similar to official WhatsApp with a similar user interface, color theme, and functionality, but the most attraction-grabbing element is you can customize the app according to your desire. 

It gives the user more control over their privacy and also provides an ad-free experience. Overall, it enhances the user experience of chatting. Downloading MB WhatsApp is absolutely free of cost for Android devices. This app is highly optimized and works on all Android smartphones that come with Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Why MBWhatsApp is Better Than Other WhatsApp Mods

All the WhatsApp mods come with almost the same features but some of them offer better stability. When it comes to MB WhatsApp, it is superior to any other WhatsApp mods because it provides all the mod features and also offers IOS Like Theme and thousands of customization options that are not offered in other mods.

FeaturesMB WhatsAppGB WhatsAppFM WhatsAppJT WhatsApp
3000+ Customization Theme
IOS Like Design
Don’t Show Online Status
Forwarding Limit UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Password Protection

Features of MBWhatsApp in 2024

MB WhatsApp is packed is hundreds of mod features which you can not expect from the official WhatsApp. These mod features are inspired by the GB WhatsApp. It will surely help to elevate your chatting experience and you will be able to communicate with your friends and family on a better platform with much more control over this convenient communication method.

IOS WhatsApp Design

Enjoy the new look of WhatsApp which is almost the same as it looked on an iPhone. The settings, app icon, layout, and animations are largely identical to what you see on an iOS device.

In-App Lock

Go to the ‘Privacy & Security’ section then you will see an option to set a PIN. It allows you to lock the app so that no one can open it without the correct password.

3000+ Themes

The app provides over 3000 different themes and you can also change the color of the app from the settings. It provides a lot of customization options and styles.

List of People Blocks You

Want to see who has blocked you in your contacts? Open MBiOS and go to Settings >> MB Preferences and it shows you the list of people in your contacts who have blocked you.

Hide Last Seen

From the settings of the MBiOS app, you can disable the last seen status so that your friends and family will never know when the last time you opened WhatsApp.

Ban Proof

MBWhatsApp comes with a totally different package name so it does not interface with the original WhatsApp. Hence, using this app will not lead you to an account suspension.

Automatic Reply

You can create an automatic reply message which you can customize whom to send. You can create an automatic message for a specific contact, unknown chats, and groups.

Custom Stickers

Most of the Sticker Manager app is not compatible with MB WhatsApp so the developer of this app has created a special sticker manager which allows you to create your own stickers.


Free to Download

Downloading the MBiOS App does not cost a single penny. You can easily download the latest version of this app from our website ( for free of charge.


Safe to Use

We care about our visitor’s safety. Downloading MB WhatsApp from our official website ( is completely safe and secure.


Don’t Show Blue Tick

if someone sent you a message that you desperately want to read but don’t want the sender to see the blue tick then MBiOS allows users to disable the blue tick.


Don’t Show Double Tick

Double is shown when someone receives your message. This app has a feature to hide the double tick even when you have received and seen the message.

More Features

Multiple Accounts Support

The official app has a limited login option, which means you can create a single account and have a single login, which can be difficult if you are using a dual sim. To use multiple accounts you need to use more than one mobile handset, which is more difficult and tedious to handle. Usually, the mobile dual app feature allows you to create a replica of the original app but lacks a similar feature. To overcome these tons of problems, MB WhatsApp allows you to create multiple accounts, and log in through the same application.

Advanced Privacy Settings

Most of us like to share WhatsApp statuses only for specific recipients of our contacts. So to avoid people stalking at your ground, MB WhatsApp adds an extra layer of protection.

The second level of privacy is you can choose who can call you on MB WhatsApp, and also block specific contacts. Also, this app allows to hiding of the profile picture for the specific profiles. Moreover, MB WhatsApp keeps chatting, sharing files, and rest-activity safe.

Conference Call

The group call feature is the most useful and common feature available in every messaging platform. It connects everyone from any corner of the world. The video call feature and conference call adds a professional feature to the app. Some working professionals use group video calling features for company meetings and much more.

Ads free

Most third-party APKs come with an irritating feature called ads. These ads pop up and take us to unnecessary websites. But, MB WhatsApp does not support any kind of ads, so it ads a free application.

Memory efficient

Like many other messaging platforms, MB WhatsApp does not consume any extra memory and does not impact the functionality of the smartphone.

Customizable Theme

The interface of WhatsApp has been adapted to many messaging apps, and changing its color or its theme is not possible. But, MB WhatsApp allows you to use the desired theme, and also you can download themes from a website and use it in the app.


Everyone looks for a secure messaging platform, which can protect from others. MB WhatsApp has a password protection feature that will keep the app secure from any outside users.

Group rules

The new feature of MB WhatsApp allows the group admin to add new participants, and remove the participants from the group. Also, the message characters can be exceeded while sharing in the WhatsApp group. Overall, this app aims to provide seamless services to the users.

Editing feature

When you are about to share any picture, then you can use the inbuilt editing tool. If the image needs cropping or adding brightness then MB WhatsApp allows this quick and productive feature.


It’s difficult to read messages that are typed in different languages in the official app. The conversation in MB WhatsApp can be easily translated automatically which is an impressive feature.

Read Deleted Chats

To read the deleted conversation is quite difficult in most messaging platforms, but MB WhatsApp allows to use of this feature. Apart from the above-mentioned features MB WhatsApp has some common features such as sharing pictures, videos, audio, stickers, pinning the chat, consuming fewer data, faster action, blocking feature, quick deleting, private chatting, and much more.

The major hidden difference in this app is you can share or do things unlimitedly which the official application restricts. Also, this app has a few cons hidden in it. Compared to the official app, MBWhatsApp Apk is not a reliable one for sharing any important information, and also the backup quality is not great. The virus attack, such as malware can be dangerous for the mobile while downloading the apk from third-party sites.

Hide Writing/Recording Status

As you already know WhatsApp informs the other person that you are writing or recording your voice which some people do not like so MB WhatsApp gives users the freedom to hide the writing or recording status.

Aeroplane Mode

This modified version of WhatsApp has its own Aeroplane Mode which will cut the internet connection from WhatsApp and show everyone that you’re offline.

Hide Media from Gallery

When downloading any Photos, Videos GIFs, or Documents from MB WhatsApp, you have an option to hide them from the gallery so that the specific media file will not be displayed on your phone’s default gallery app.

WhatsApp Lock

WhatsApp Lock

MBWA App takes care of user security and privacy so if you don’t want anyone to open your WhatsApp, set the password by using its built-in app lock feature.

To Set App Lock: Go to MB Preferences >> Privacy & Security

You no longer need to rely on third-party app lockers. MB WhatsApp provides a built-in app locker feature that allows users to set PIN, Pattern, and Password along with Fingerprint for convenience.

MB WhatsApp

Download MBWhatsApp APK Latest Version 2024

NameMB WhatsApp
Version1.1 (Latest)
Size83 MB
Developerstefano YG
System RequirementsAndroid 4.0.3 or up
Total Downloads320000+
Updated30 May 2024

How to Download MBWhatsApp

Downloading MB WhatsApp for Android is a very simple and straightforward process. Here we have provided the complete tutorial and step-by-step guide that you can follow to easily install this app on your cellphone.


Firstly, Find the download button provided above and tap on it to open the downloading page. Click on the latest version of MB WhatsApp to start downloading the APK file on your phone.


Once the APK file is downloaded then Go to Phone Settings > Security > System Security > Here allow unknown sources of app installation.


Open the file manager and go to the download folder where you have saved the downloaded APK file.


Tap on the APK file and hit the install button to install the app on your phone.


After the app is installed successfully on your phone, you will be able to see the MB WhatsApp icon on your phone’s home screen so tap on it to open the app.


Now, enter your phone number and verify it with the OTP and after that, you’re ready to use this app.

Advantages of MBWhatsApp

  • New Look: Everyone is bored of the old WhatsApp look which has been the same for years and if you want to get something fresh and new from WhatsApp then try MB WhatsApp which allows users to enjoy an iOS WhatsApp look on an Android phone.
  • Better Privacy Settings: Compared to the official WhatsApp app, it provides much better privacy settings which allow users to fully control their chatting experiences.
  • No Ads: Numrous WhatsApp Mods contain advertisements that ruin users’ experience but MB WhatsApp is one of the mods that does not show any ads.
  • MOD Features: Apart from the new IOS look, you will also get many mod advantages such as Hide Double Tick & Bue Stick, See deleted messages, Auto reply, and many more.

Disadvantages of MBWhatsApp

  • Difficult to Update: As you know, MB WhatsApp is not available on the Google Play Store so it is quite difficult to update the app because you have to install the updated APK file manually after uninstalling the older version of this app from your phone.
  • Lack of Support: This is a third-party app so it does not provide any official supply. Hence, if you get stuck in any trouble after using this app, it is not the app’s responsibility. You have to deal with the trouble on your own.
  • Security Risk: Downloading apps from sources other than Google Play Store always contains some security risks and the same problem you have to face with MB WhatsApp so make sure you download it from trusted sources.
  • Delay in Updates: The official WhatsApp gets updates very frequently but the MB WhatsApp provides late updates.

Security Measures While Using MB WhatsApp

Here are some of the safety guidance that you need to follow while downloading, installing, and using MB WhatsApp on Android-based devices.

  • Trusted Sources: While downloading the MB WhatsApp APK File on your device, make sure you find a trusted website that offers a 100% safe version of this app.
  • Don’t Avoid Warning Alert: Nowadays, modern Android devices come with an advanced security system that shows warning notifications when installing unsafe apps that contain malicious codes so make sure you scan your device with your phone’s default Security manager and if it indicates any issues related to MBWA App then quickly uninstall it because it might be harmful for your device.
  • Google Play Protect: If Google Play Protect is activated on your device, it is designed to autonomously block potentially harmful applications as a means of ensuring the safety and security of your phone.
  • Keep Your Device Updated: Regularly check your device update and try to keep the operating system and security patch always updated to the latest version as it protects your device against harmful vulnerabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is MBWhatsApp Safe to Use on Android?

Yes, MBWhatsApp is a completely safe and secure app to use on Android devices. The APK file provided on our site is being tested by VirusTotal so there are no harmful or malicious codes in this app.

How to Download MB WhatsApp?

Downloading process for MB WhatsApp is quite easy and straightforward. Simply, tap on the download button provided on this webpage then pursue the installton guide to get this app installed on your phone.

Do I need to root my phone to use this app?

No, rooting is not required to install this app.

Does Google Drive work in MBiOS for backup?

Unlike Offical WhatsApp, MBiOS App does not support Google Drive so taking manual backup is essential. However, it offers automatic daily backup.

How to update MB WhatsApp?

This is a third-party app so it can not be updated automatically just like Google Play Store’s app updates automatically. Hence, you have to visit our website ( and download the latest version APK file then uninstall the previous version of this app from your phone and then manually install the latest version.

Can I use standard WhatsApp along with MB WhatsApp?

Yes, it comes with a different package name so you can also keep your official WhatsApp along with MB WhatsApp.

Can I install MBWhatsApp on my iPhone?

As of now, MBWhatsApp is available for Android users so you can not install it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Pro device.

How can I transfer all my WhatsApp data to MB WhatsApp?

Go to the settings of this app, it provides an option to transfer or migrate all the data from the official WhatsApp to MB WhatsApp within seconds.

Will my number get banned after using MBiOS?

We have been using MB WhatsApp for the last 3-4 months and as per our testing, we have not experienced any suspension yet.

Best alternatives to MB WhatsApp?

There are many mods of WhatsApp and most of these mods are very similar to each other so if you want to try other mods then here are a few names to consider.

1. Fouad WhatsApp
2. JT WhatsApp
3. GBWhatsApp
4. FM WhatsApp

Can I download WhatsApp Status Directly?

Now, you no longer need an external app to download others WhatsApp statuses because the MBiOS app allows you to directly download status from the app.


The limitations of WhatsApp bought MBiOS with its numerous advanced features which are absent in the official WhatsApp. It provides features like seeing deleted messages, Hide double tick & blue tick, advanced privacy settings, thousands of themes and designs, IOS like WhatsApp look and many more.

MB WhatsApp IOS APK is rapidly getting popular on the internet. There are many people who are using GB WhatsApp and other WA Mods are switching to MBiOS because of its unique capabilities. It also provides an IOS-like theme and layout which looks very good and enhances the user experience.

Hope you have successfully downloaded and installed MB WhatsApp on your phone and found the information provided above helpful but if there is any help you need, feel free to comment below, it will be a pleasure to solve your queries.